It is primarily the responsibility of parents to teach and encourage their children to grow in their faith, but we would like to support families as they struggle to carry out this most important privilege and responsibility.
The Confirmation Ministry of St. Mark’s works to help give 7th and 8th graders what they need to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We do this with a mixture of presentations of the six chief parts of Lutheran doctrine followed by small group discussions during 30 Learning Events over 2 years.
By-products of these small group discussions are relationships the teens develop with their adult mentors and the other young people in their group. These relationships are encouraged with monthly Fellowship Events in which the small group members do fun activities together.
These relationships are very important since spiritual education must not end after 8th grade. It is far easier to persuade high school students to attend youth ministry when they know other students who are also attending.


If you have questions about the Confirmation Ministry, please contact Pastor Bob.

2018-19 Calendar

6th Grade Communion Training Document (2018-19)


7th Grade Confirmation Documents (2018-19)


8th Grade Confirmation Documents (2018-19)